Our Story

Croissants and Brownies.jpeg

"Farine" means flour, and it's at the heart of what we do.

Farine Bakery & Cafe is a labor of love - to bring high quality breads, pastries, desserts and brasserie-style meals to our Eastside neighborhoods. Our menu reflects our commitment to sharing our love of good food and drink with our local community, being where you are in the heart of our cities and towns.

We started with the idea that everyone deserves good bread...and really good croissants...and tartines, tarts, waffles, salads! We spent years researching the right combinations of food, drinks and ambience to create Farine. We traveled extensively across France and Belgium to draw inspiration from their rich culinary traditions, and then looked locally to create something unique for this corner of the Pacific Northwest.

Even as we built our vision, we also knew that our people were always going to be the best ingredient in this delicious equation. We pride ourselves on the strength of our team, and every member is someone special to us.

We also wanted to ensure that we are mindful of our environmental footprint, so we are committed to minimizing waste, prioritizing compostable products when we can and sourcing locally.

We hope you enjoy what we've built, and we can't wait to see you (again)!